Music to My Ears, My Heart, My Soul

Music always inspires me in more ways than I know how to express in words.  Isn’t it cool how a song and it’s unique melody can take you on an emotional journey all via the waves of sound picked up by our ears and our ability to hear?  Our mind interprets these seemingly magical wavelengths of highs and lows and translates them into something only our heart and emotions can understand, but our mind often struggles to.

Because of music, I think that time travel is indeed possible after all.  Not in the manner you’re probably thinking, but in our minds.  There are things in life that our senses can pick up and deliver to our brain such as the melodies music provides.  Our brain then accesses files within our memory that it projects clearly through our emotions and feelings as if we were right back in the exact moment we first heard a particular song or a moment in life that we experienced while that song was playing.  It’s almost indescribable, this enchanting affair we have with music, but it’s oh so beautiful and impossible to ignore.

I can’t help but think that the music playing in Heaven is so far beyond what we get to experience here on earth.  I believe there are probably thousands of songs being played at the same time that, once in heaven, we can experience and understand all at once.  This just can’t happen here on earth because it would all sound like a bunch of noise.  I share this because I have this thought, or question really, that asks, “What if there is music played here on earth that can also be heard in heaven?”  I know it may sound a little silly, but at 17 my mother, Melody, passed away from cancer.  To this day I have written countless songs and I often wonder if they might be heard by my mom in the beautiful sea of the thousands of songs playing in heaven right now.

Maybe it’s crazy.  I know it probably sounds like it.  I just think that music has an element that is not of this world.  It’s like love.  True love is something many of us talk about and some of us have been blessed to experience, but it too is unexplainable and can best be translated by our hearts.  I am thankful for music and though I know that the enemy is in so many ways using music in attempts to tear down the Kingdom of God, I also know that God is still in control and is using music to further His Kingdom every day.  Think about worship and the songs you sing when you’re at church.  That connection you have in the moment you are sharing with fellow believers as you worship your one true God, it’s not something I consider of this world.  It’s so much more and this, worship, is something we get to take with us to eternity where we will continue to worship and praise our God in ways we never thought possible here on earth.

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