What is this place?

For starters, it’s simple.  Just plain words about life and the melody that each life has as a result of the day-to-day ups and downs.  Some days are great!  Others you may wish you had a delete button for because they are just that bad.  Either way, here we can read about it all.  Maybe life’s not going so well at the moment and you need some inspiration or a quick “pick-me-up” to help you out.  You’re in the right place my friend!  What if you’re just really bored and would like something easy (that also doesn’t have to be very good) to read while you pass the time?  Again, you’re here now, aren’t you?

The Writer

Like anyone else looking to try their hand at blogging, I’m just a dude that loves to write and, in fact, needs to write just so I can benefit from it’s therapeutic powers.  My name is Nick and I was born and raised in Southern California.  Now, let me stop your mind from creating imagery of gorgeous beaches, nice tans, sweet cars and Hollywood.  I’m not talking about that part of So Cal folks.  I was raised in the High Desert.  It’s like normal desert, but it’s high I guess.  I had a great childhood there and wouldn’t trade it for anything.  I eventually grew up, got married and had two kids.  Then we decided to move to Katy TX where we reside currently and we love it!  Trying to get my dad here is another story (I’ll probably post a blog about that eventually).


The Name: Life Has a Melody – How did you come up with that?

Great question!  Like most mothers, my mom was very proud of her only son (I have two younger sisters as well and I know she was very proud of them both) and she made me promise her that when I grew up and became, in her words, “famous and successful,” I would never forget about her.  She always said, “Don’t forget about your mom when you get there, okay?”  Well of course, who could ever forget about their mother?  When I was 17 years old, sadly, my mother passed away at age 42 after losing a very tough fight against breast cancer.  My mom’s name was Melody.